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Call us now on +49 30 120 74 96 0 or send us an email to info@novatogmbh.de. Rapid response to emergencies – with BMW Special Task Vehicles and NOVATO ConnectedRescue. A cooperation between BMW and NOVATO ConnectedRescue for ConnectedDrive - Fast. Simple. Safe. With ConnectedRescue, the new service for ConnectedDrive, you will be able to respond even faster to accident or emergency calls. ConnectedRescue automatically transfers relevant data about the incident from the control center directly to your BMW Special Task Vehicle. With the location and other details displayed on a screen in the vehicle, you can immediately begin driving to the location. ConnectedRescue can be integrated into your control center system quickly and easily. It works with all Windows operating systems and all control center solutions. Installation and configuration is done within a few minutes. All that is required is an internet connection in the control center and BMW Special Task Vehicles equipped with ConnectedDrive. With ConnectedRescue your emergency service fleet will be operating faster, safer and more reliably than before. ConnectedRescue - the benefits Safety - Time Saving - Reliability - Cost Effective Drivers on emergency calls no longer have to enter data into the navigation system themselves. ConnectedRescue provides the best route to the corresponding incident location, leaving the driver to focus on getting there quickly and safely. Manually entering data about the location of an accident or emergency into the navigation system is now obsolete. With ConnectedRescue, the vehicle receives all the information immediately and automatically, thus saving valuable time. Automatically downloading information prevents potential errors caused by manual entry so ConnectedRescue is more reliable. It creates the best route to the location of the incident and feeds it directly to the navigation system. The purchase and installation of additional, expensive hardware is no longer required. ConnectedRescue seamlessly integrates into your BMW Special Task Vehicles technically and visually, making it highly cost effective. ConnectedRescue in practise ConnectedRescue in practise Do you have further questions or suggestions? Would you like to test our software? Would you like to arrange a consultation? Please, contact us! We appreciate your call or message. Contact person - Tobias Morell. ConnectedRescue is a service from Novato GmbH Clients about ConnectedRescue: Previously, I needed costly equipment to receive accident or emergency data directly to my vehicle. Now, my BMW navigation system provides me with everything I need to lead me to the location of emergency. - Dr. Jan Rotermund, Medical Director, German Red Cross. A cooperation between BMW and NOVATO